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off topic, delete if you dont want it up here. [15 Aug 2006|04:58pm]

If anyone has any old textbooks from school just lying around in your room or house or whatever...that you're not using anymore, I'm extremely interested in them and will pay for shipping and all that jazz. Please email me at autumnlongleg@yahoo.com to reach me.
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[14 Dec 2005|04:37am]

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*same title as on my regular journal* [15 Jun 2005|01:43am]

[ mood | pensive ]

Two Months Later

This was a never ending story
Of disaster and dismay
And you have a never ending smile
That makes me forget just that
We’re all just kids
Running around breaking hearts
But you knew what would happen
And never told a soul

Give up the trashed dreams
And trashed pictures we drew at
Five ‘o clock in your room
With the cover drawn over our heads
And the covers drawn over my eyes
You said, “Papers and dreams
Are made out of the same material,”
But I found paper doesn’t tear as soon

The girl with no lines
Tends to blur and smear the easiest
Among notebooks with empty prose
You slipped easily into a silk impression
That fit your words nicely with a touch of class
And everything I said was nothing
But poetic nonsense that you pretended
Meant something, but it wasn’t meant to

Easily we pulled a trigger
Waiting for our time to die
And your face never looked so straight
You lived subconsciously in a world
Conscious to your lies and actions
Leaving deleted comments hanging
In the air between us now
And that’s all we have left anyway

so this community hasn't gone anywhere and that makes me sad. oh well what can you do. shit happens. feel free to keep posting but i can't promise any replys anymore. sorry guys.

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[14 Jun 2005|11:13pm]

This Hit
Im failing 2 for one
the first and last
the only and the evermore
im the only one that matterd
and i never mattered more
whenever i hear love all i see is you
and there is a picture of me
on a shelf in a closet
with a big red X
through my heart
but ive lost it
you set me on the edge
and made me creep it
to the end and then i fall
and broke the frame
that held up the picture perfect

everything ive ever loved
ive broken, tortured and left undone
ive got so many loose ends
ive wrapped myself up
and its throttling my throat
The whispered ends of strands
of blends and bands
and stands ive made and lost
retreat repeat you've left me once again

Ill never love
ill never leave you alone
but ill never love
just to save me
selfish heartbreak saving
tactics in this war
to save my face and your heart
fight me fight me
its open and its fair

i pushed myself off the ledge
i took it to the end
i broke myself into
so you wont have to
but in this selfsacrafice
its  a farce a facade
im the defacto victim im the
liar dejure to say the least
i i buy and sell and trade and lease
my self to anyone who pleads

goddamnit im such a liar
im lying when i open up
im lying in this line
and ill lie in the next
im to smart to see
right through me
and to notice
my agenda , my plan

save me selfish heartbreak
and open up my lungs
and breath into me
the fire to say goodbye

funny thing is i dont correct my writings unless i alter them, ill never rewrite this ill never change a word ive grown accustomed to it.  i really hate the way i write but i hate everyone elses way more much more, i like one persons writing and thats bri, the mod, lol, but its really not her fault i just do i dont know why dont ask me i hate famous writers and authros work, but i love hers, its just the way it is. anyway umm it looks like im the only person posting in this so i will only post this here and not on my Lj, i know i say that but i probably will so im sorry if i said that and still do. peace out
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The Gun, The Fire, The Bullet, The Blood [13 Jun 2005|11:40am]

This weight
its crashing
its burning so deep inside my life
its a wood, catching fire in the night
burning till the morning light
it scorches ignored in the back of a mind
ignored till its charred bloody corpse is unearthed
its dug up its fucked up, its blood is all drained
the drive and desire have burnt like the leaves
they built up and burst and the flame licks them up
devoured desire and left me dried up
the fire is tamed and rolled and inhaled
and left me addicted and left me impaled
my insides are choking my outside has failed
im not to good looking and im lost in this hell
your away and your sailing on the big fucking blue
your sails are breathing the sky's red hue's
the rays from the fire mixed with the hydrogen sun
are making this mixture of blood in my lungs
im coughing im weeping, im longing im leaving
im lying and finding that its not this place
thats making me empty, its you i cant replace
i burnt out, i fuck up and im trying once more
to take you to arcades and places you adore
to make you  remember how much you stood for
to buy you a new life, to save me from mine
im wanting this badly, there is not enough time
we flew apart like north and south
you left like a bullet entering my mouth
i made the mistake of leaving you loaded
and triggering your functions to often to be safe
i made  your barrel shine, and i kept you so clean
but you claimed that i used you
to shoot at the birds, mainly the doves
that i could never have felt what i claimed was love
you made me so angry , so lost and so empty
i claimed you were lying and trying to tempt me
"you never loved me, its ME who was used"
i kept trying to show that it didnt hurt at all
when really it hurt more than i thought it should
i wanted not to love you
to save me the face
i wanted not to hug you goodbye on that day
no kisses no endings would end that way
you left me abnormal in more than one way
from being my life my reason for waking
everysingle solitary day
i havent liked a sunrise since
march the 14th

Try again
welcome back
it hardly feels like you were gone
until you feel the scars
but now that your back home
i wont worry anymore
I wont wait by the door
to see your face knock
but you wont have to
"its unlocked"

Ive waited alone in this house of my own
to hear the ringing bells of your return
ive waited so long just to see you come home
be the accompaniast to my depravated sleep

itll never be reset itll always be a new game
the rules have to be changed
ill always have to learn that what we had is over
and to roll the dice a different way
you have won forever and thats living shame
ill never have another and thats how i was tamed

its ok to start over, i mean i just wrote this song
i plan to call you and move this along
i want to try, just to be in your life
just to stand by your side
i want to help you, so that you wont cry
the next time its over or maybe im lying
to myself anyway cuz id like to think
that i matter enough to show you the way
but youve figured it out you dont need me
well im assuming so, because i was never told
i know that you love me i know that you loved me
you know that i knew you and love you so still
you know that you have me, whenver you need me
you know that you have me against my free will
im yours and i love it, it never hurt to be yours
you gone and i hate it, everyminute im alone
its over but im hoping i can start over once more
that i can say hello i love you and let it be known
that i fucked up and that was that , but this me now
im ready to put up and give up and listen to you tell me how
to make you happy and when to make it known that  ill love you forever
ill love you so much more, than you will ever know.

why do i post here and in my Lj its wierd because everyone in this community is on my friends list. i guess i do it because i want 'indepth" comments lol.
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[25 May 2005|03:41pm]

[ mood | creative ]

i have nothing to remember you by
nothing to put in a box and hold at night
i have nothing to wipe the tears off of
nothing to abrubtly shake me into love

im left with the scars
under bleeding corners
kissing under the stars
injects hope in the owners
and in the end its all worth it
to not have to bear the shame
and manifestation of pain

Oh, sure ive got the cards
and the pictures and the shards
and the first time hair tie
and the fruitstripe letter By:
the girl with no lines
who said no , impeccably timed

even though i was
left with the scars
under bleeding corners
kissed under the stars
injected with hope by the owner
it was still worth it
to not bear the weight
of never knowing ,
the pain of never waiting

and now i may have the kiss
and the hair and the lips
the love and the life
the future denied by
the girl with no lines
who said yes, right on time

I cant believe i wrote this, for some reason it doesnt sound like me. To me the rythm and beat is amazing in this, its the most structured thing ive ever written lol. Im not used to it. of course its about samantha. There are just some ideals i dont remember having. Anyway everything is appreciated from praise to flames, lol im just trying to keep this community alive.

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This is old school. [20 May 2005|11:22am]

[ mood | gloomy ]

He roams the halls a shadow
Unnoticed by the masses
Unacknowledged by the minorities
A ghost to those who knew him
A lost cause to those who still do
An example to those who never will
But he'd have it no other way

Forgotten, Forsaken
Lost and found and lost again
His eyes are like a fortress
Impenetrable by actions
Impervious to pain
But even behind the walls
His heart remains forever stained

At home, he's always alone
Locked inside his own world
Never to be released
More pills, more pills
Nothing helps anymore
Drugs and heartache
Drugs and lonliness
But its hard to determine
Which one killed him first

From sunrise to sunset
Every day is a test
As the tests get harder
The drugs get stronger
And his days more numbered
The fortress is growing weaker
And its walls will soon fall

He wakes up one morning
And deep down he knows
He knows that today is the day
When the fortress walls will fall
As he walks in the door
He knows what he has to do
He picks up his needle and his spoon
Fires the last shot
To bring the walls down

He had no idea
He didn't know
The gun kept flashing
And people kept falling
But he didn't feel a thing
He didn't feel the emotion
He didn't feel the hate
He didn't feel the bullet
That ended it all...

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[20 May 2005|09:23am]

Name: Ali
Age: 17
Gender: Female
What you will probably post: poetry and anything else that comes to my head that I think is halfway decent
Anything else you want to say: I am me and that is it.

Silent Threat

Color the world a
Color with beauty
That everlasts.
A never-ending reminder
Of a happy memory
That never was.

Write a good-bye
That no one even reads
As it lays plastered to
The wall in dispair
Written hope that's only
Meant to keep a false
Life in check.

Sing a song of tearful
Remorse in the field
Of smiling flowers
That have no
Knowledge of how
Life really is.

A silent threat that
Comes wrapped in a gift wrapped

I need to talk to someone.
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[19 May 2005|02:55pm]

It's sort of... weird. I don't know. And it has no title. I don't title things, because I can never decide. So a title would be cool if you all could think of one. Also you know, the typical suggestions and what not.

Hopeless beginings
Pitiful endings
Cardinal directions that lead me nowhere
Left and right
I'm going in circles
Dizzy with confusion
And mixed signals
Can you hear me now?
The connection was lost
The transmission ended
Our frequencies were all wrong
Misinterpreted currents and waves
The circuits were cut
The lights are out
Yet everyone's home
Cobwebs dwell in the attic
Covering the things once held dear
As ghosts lurk through the halls
And spirits are watching us sleep
You're not dreaming
But I'm being reminded of the past
The past no history book contains
No great battles or revolutions
Other than ones that I've fought in
On the front lines
Sheildless and unarmed
I wont stop fighting
I'll continue the struggle til death do we part.
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[19 May 2005|01:57pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

War Between Love

I fucking hate you.
But I suppose that’s the way
Of war.
Why do you make me feel so
Why do you make me feel
So used?
Why can’t you disguise
Your hate?
Or disfigure it so maybe then I could
Confuse it for love
Once in a while.
Why do I keep thinking
The words will have a new meaning
The next time?
It wouldn’t be so bad if the tears didn’t
Make things look
The way they are-
Blurred, unreal, unclear,
Hopeless in a way that the world
Has never seen
And fucked up beyond all reason.
I’ve never felt betrayed by
A smile before,
But you know just how to
Peel a scab so it hurts
Even more.
You know just how to push
So that the cracked glass
I never should have let you
Get so close,
But the line between us has been so
Frayed that even I don’t know
When I’m on your side or mine.
And when climbing out of the failure
It’s hard to distinguished
Your rights
From my wrongs.
And standing where the in-between begins
Is beginning
To pull me apart
So that the detachment feels secure.
And the pounding blood
Overtakes the screaming in my ears,
But after the battle
You offer a hand to clean the ruble.
I think
Why trust you when you have done

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[18 May 2005|11:14pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Woah, step back
i need to reasses myself
Ive been handing out words
and acting just like myself
i need to step back
and realize what i love
even if its taken
even if its gone
Im just not happy
and im not sure i can leave
if everything ive dreamed off
is locked away from me
im not so sure im steady
im not exactly safe
but i am glad that you are happy
but i miss the way you taste
its funny how i say that
and mean a different thing
cuz i never got to taste you
never got to feel that last embrace

im turning into what i hate
i put the faith in way to late
when i see you and tackle you
and you sleep in my room
and you take my hand
and stay till Im gone
will it be ok to love you
cuz ive felt it all along

im glad you understand
and im sorry you do
im sorry for what ive put you through
and what i had to see to know i love you

now its way to late
to be calling it in
i made my mistake
but ive learned nothing
cuz id make it again
and id let you slip through
my fingers are racing
to get this to you

So dont leave him
but still love me
and dont hold back
how could i change
my mind about that

strap me in
and blast the fuck off
if i could soar
over there id probably nod off
and sleep till the day when you
kiss me awake
and you take all my pain
and you send it away

im so sorry
all ill ever be is sorry
that i cant hold you tight
that i cant drive you home at night
that it cant be the world
with us on top
and we cant hold each other
leave my lips dry
and cracked
and I thought we could try
but thats just not the fact
IM so sorry
all i can be is so sorry
and its sad that i love you
now that you gone
and i miss you now
but your happy
and i asked for this didnt
i was asking for this
i was asking for a blatant fucking lie
this is what i should i have said
I want you i need you
please be my escape
say you reciprocate
be my reason
to leave without leaving
a message behind
just pack up the car
and drive till my heart stars beating
till the car is on empty
and my life is finally full
im out of my seat and im out of control
im yelling and whistling the tune of our song
im waiting so patiently and wandering along

So lets do this
once again
lets try this from
the beginning
ill take my loss
and leave the tears
as watery marks
of my past, and
your hand
will have to wipe away
the pain that came
when i was fake
before you
kiss me awake

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[18 May 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | creative? ]

Promise me

The words they seep
every twisting their way
into your ears
into your heart
I'm So , blind and
you are falling for my lead
its desperate insecurities
and just becuase ive seen some thing
ive gone somewhere and played a scene
doesnt mean
that im better, or your worse
doesnt mean that this cant work
and i know i said it once
but ill say it so much more
just to make it sure

Promise me (promise me)
that you'll jump in
head first
Promise me (promise me)
that each time is
just like the first
Time you
said i love you

sometimes i get so angry
yet have no right
so i am shut my mouth
and i hold on tight
i said i was a rollercoaster
a thousand miles long
and im never gonna stop
being this upside down
for you. where i belong
in your mind, no one knowing
no one seeing it ouright
this is how my night ends
"reach and ill feel you"
this is how we begin
stretched across a continent

swear to me
in every word
that this is how its gonna be
swear to me
before im lost
that this will end happily
run to me
when this is
over and dead long since when
place me

i exist in this place
limbo, whatever im there
and it hurts
but why should i care
since you love me
and we are there
and its almost over
all the waiting
taking shape and
ill sleep tonight for the last time
and im still scared
about your day
about my hair
about the way
that this will end
with my alone
the tears ill share
this one last time
before we're here./

name: Drayton
Gender: penis
age: 16
post: poems, short stories, and song lyrics(my own of course)
Randomness: If you are on here and you arent living in lakeland then you are the shit but sense no one is, we all suck.
i apologize ahead of time that my writing is incredibly emo

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[18 May 2005|03:13pm]

Name: Sean
Age: 17
Gender: Male
What you will probably post: Just random stuff. Rants, poems, stories, lyrics, who knows?
Anything else you want to say: The moderator is cool.

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[18 May 2005|02:38pm]

[ mood | content ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


i know i'm the mod but i thought you ought to know my info too

What you will probably post:poems, stories, etc..
Anything else you want to say: i'm the moderator, but i'll also be an active member. this place should be fun if it get up and running. i hope it does. =)

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[17 May 2005|08:31pm]

Ummm... I wrote this in Algebra 2 today. I was in a bad mood, and I don't know. It's not like a poem or anything, just a big thought. It sucks, too.

"Some days just put you in bad moods. Well, maybe not even the day; it's the days events. Words that people say, or particular actions. They don't even have to be hurtful or full of mallace. Some things just set off the alarms in your head. It's hard to tell why these things bother you, but they do. And it's not like it's the normal upset or down; it's the kind where it's deep in your thoughts, deep in your chest. It aches and builds, it makes you want to run out of the room bursting into tears. Sometimes you just want to scream - scream until your vocal chords collapse and you cry your eyes out. The saddest part is when you know that it's going to get even worse than it already is. The hurt and emptyness will only multiply exponentially, make itself more present and overwhelming. It feels like your world is going to end, there's no hope left. Nothing can be done, and that's how heartbreak feels."

Yeah. The end. Comments and stuff? Maybe?
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Fade to black, I'm sick of trying. [16 May 2005|10:03pm]

First post, yess!

Name: Sarah
Age: 17
Gender: Female
What you will probably post: My poems... Lyrics. You know, stuff
Anything else you want to say: I love the moderator a lot, because she is the best person ever. :)
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New Community [16 May 2005|12:32pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello to all!
This is a new community made specially for writers everywhere. I thought is would be nice to have a place to share any type of writing whatsoever. It should be fun. Please promote and post!

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