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War Between Love

I fucking hate you.
But I suppose that’s the way
Of war.
Why do you make me feel so
Why do you make me feel
So used?
Why can’t you disguise
Your hate?
Or disfigure it so maybe then I could
Confuse it for love
Once in a while.
Why do I keep thinking
The words will have a new meaning
The next time?
It wouldn’t be so bad if the tears didn’t
Make things look
The way they are-
Blurred, unreal, unclear,
Hopeless in a way that the world
Has never seen
And fucked up beyond all reason.
I’ve never felt betrayed by
A smile before,
But you know just how to
Peel a scab so it hurts
Even more.
You know just how to push
So that the cracked glass
I never should have let you
Get so close,
But the line between us has been so
Frayed that even I don’t know
When I’m on your side or mine.
And when climbing out of the failure
It’s hard to distinguished
Your rights
From my wrongs.
And standing where the in-between begins
Is beginning
To pull me apart
So that the detachment feels secure.
And the pounding blood
Overtakes the screaming in my ears,
But after the battle
You offer a hand to clean the ruble.
I think
Why trust you when you have done
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