Sarahlicious (cheezypuff47) wrote in a_pen_poised,

It's sort of... weird. I don't know. And it has no title. I don't title things, because I can never decide. So a title would be cool if you all could think of one. Also you know, the typical suggestions and what not.

Hopeless beginings
Pitiful endings
Cardinal directions that lead me nowhere
Left and right
I'm going in circles
Dizzy with confusion
And mixed signals
Can you hear me now?
The connection was lost
The transmission ended
Our frequencies were all wrong
Misinterpreted currents and waves
The circuits were cut
The lights are out
Yet everyone's home
Cobwebs dwell in the attic
Covering the things once held dear
As ghosts lurk through the halls
And spirits are watching us sleep
You're not dreaming
But I'm being reminded of the past
The past no history book contains
No great battles or revolutions
Other than ones that I've fought in
On the front lines
Sheildless and unarmed
I wont stop fighting
I'll continue the struggle til death do we part.
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