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*same title as on my regular journal*

Two Months Later

This was a never ending story
Of disaster and dismay
And you have a never ending smile
That makes me forget just that
We’re all just kids
Running around breaking hearts
But you knew what would happen
And never told a soul

Give up the trashed dreams
And trashed pictures we drew at
Five ‘o clock in your room
With the cover drawn over our heads
And the covers drawn over my eyes
You said, “Papers and dreams
Are made out of the same material,”
But I found paper doesn’t tear as soon

The girl with no lines
Tends to blur and smear the easiest
Among notebooks with empty prose
You slipped easily into a silk impression
That fit your words nicely with a touch of class
And everything I said was nothing
But poetic nonsense that you pretended
Meant something, but it wasn’t meant to

Easily we pulled a trigger
Waiting for our time to die
And your face never looked so straight
You lived subconsciously in a world
Conscious to your lies and actions
Leaving deleted comments hanging
In the air between us now
And that’s all we have left anyway

so this community hasn't gone anywhere and that makes me sad. oh well what can you do. shit happens. feel free to keep posting but i can't promise any replys anymore. sorry guys.
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