Sarahlicious (cheezypuff47) wrote in a_pen_poised,

Ummm... I wrote this in Algebra 2 today. I was in a bad mood, and I don't know. It's not like a poem or anything, just a big thought. It sucks, too.

"Some days just put you in bad moods. Well, maybe not even the day; it's the days events. Words that people say, or particular actions. They don't even have to be hurtful or full of mallace. Some things just set off the alarms in your head. It's hard to tell why these things bother you, but they do. And it's not like it's the normal upset or down; it's the kind where it's deep in your thoughts, deep in your chest. It aches and builds, it makes you want to run out of the room bursting into tears. Sometimes you just want to scream - scream until your vocal chords collapse and you cry your eyes out. The saddest part is when you know that it's going to get even worse than it already is. The hurt and emptyness will only multiply exponentially, make itself more present and overwhelming. It feels like your world is going to end, there's no hope left. Nothing can be done, and that's how heartbreak feels."

Yeah. The end. Comments and stuff? Maybe?
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