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This is old school.

He roams the halls a shadow
Unnoticed by the masses
Unacknowledged by the minorities
A ghost to those who knew him
A lost cause to those who still do
An example to those who never will
But he'd have it no other way

Forgotten, Forsaken
Lost and found and lost again
His eyes are like a fortress
Impenetrable by actions
Impervious to pain
But even behind the walls
His heart remains forever stained

At home, he's always alone
Locked inside his own world
Never to be released
More pills, more pills
Nothing helps anymore
Drugs and heartache
Drugs and lonliness
But its hard to determine
Which one killed him first

From sunrise to sunset
Every day is a test
As the tests get harder
The drugs get stronger
And his days more numbered
The fortress is growing weaker
And its walls will soon fall

He wakes up one morning
And deep down he knows
He knows that today is the day
When the fortress walls will fall
As he walks in the door
He knows what he has to do
He picks up his needle and his spoon
Fires the last shot
To bring the walls down

He had no idea
He didn't know
The gun kept flashing
And people kept falling
But he didn't feel a thing
He didn't feel the emotion
He didn't feel the hate
He didn't feel the bullet
That ended it all...
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